We're always accepting submissions for our next issue's cover art! While we are open to creative new directions, we are particularly seeking Portraits, Profiles, and Self-Portraits

Before you submit, please scroll down and familiarize yourself with our guidelines


- Must include human faces/portraits/definable subject matter. 

- The aforementioned subject must stand out against the background. 

- The cover needs to be clear, colorful, and visually interesting. 

- It's preferred if the art piece is able interact with the title of the magazine in some way (ex. Overlapping, wrapping around it, etc). 

Do Not Submit: 

- Anything with swearing. 

- NSFW art. Please make sure anything you submit is appropriate for ages 13 and up. 

- Fan-art. 

- An unfinished work of art. 

- Works of art previously published anywhere else 

That's all! Thank you for your interest in submitting to us; we look forward to seeing your art! 

With love, 

The Echo.