The Echo Teen Art & Lit Mag only accepts submissions through our Duosuma page.


Our 2023-2024 theme is DREAMS.

We’re on the hunt for the most crazy, mind-bending, and utterly unique pieces your brain can conjure. We want to walk through your most creative worlds based on reality or entirely made up with creatures both morbid and fantastical by our side. Give us poems of desires, stories of mischief, scripts of downfalls, and art of wonder or dread. Show us what hopes and fears lie in your imagination.



Sorry, but our Nightmares submission window has closed. Please see our Currently open subtheme below!


Submissions are open from December 14th to January 26th, and publishing for accepted pieces begins in February.

What is Phantasmagoria? Well, we are using this definition for our contest: Phantasmagoria- A series of twisting, loosely connected ideas or images that are surreal, dynamic, wondrous, or strange in concept.

Phantasmagoria can (but not limited to) be:
-Pieces that are weird/open to interpretation
-Strange photography
-Mind boggling scripts
-Odd comic strips

Do not send:
– Fanfiction or other derivative works
– Illegal confessions
– Unfinished pieces
– Previously published pieces (including self-published pieces)
– Work that intends to harm or shame a group
– Novel length work (see our note below)
– "Then I woke up stories"
– 2nd POV
– Chaos for the sake of chaos-must have purpose
– Straight horror (We closed nightmares) but can have nightmarish elements
– Gore
– Overused tropes or story elements (Flex those creative muscles!!)

Triggering/Vulgar Language:
– If a content warning is needed make sure it is clearly indicated before the piece
– Censor slurs if needed (when in doubt submit with censors)
– If a piece is explicitly vulgar, submit with caution

Digital art and photography are preferred. If you submit physical art, submit the highest quality scan/image of your artwork that you can. We are willing to work with artists if the piece(s) are accepted.

Author expectations:
– Your work will be considered for one or more of the following: website, podcast content, physical printing in our annual lit mag
– Authors who have pieces selected in our annual magazine will receive a contributor copy
— If writing piece is accepted, there will be an option to have a game or author interview featured in our podcast

Final Notes
– Erotica or anything that would earn a rating of R or Mature is a hard sell. So when in doubt, submit
– Length doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it!
– Our normal response time is within two weeks

We welcome both simultaneous submissions, and multiple submissions from the same author. That’s all! Thank you for your interest in submitting to us; If you’re having trouble understanding the theme, check us out on Instagram to see what Phantasmagoria means to us and what pieces we hope to see. We’re excited to see your submission!

With love,
The Echo

Why Submit?

Submitting to The Echo Teen Art and Lit Mag is an opportunity to get your work published into a magazine. Some written pieces will be accompanied by art. Every accepted piece may be featured on our podcast, Echo’s Hollow. Rejected pieces will receive feedback for you to improve your work. See our rejection page for more info about dealing with rejection.

Know Your Rights

The Echo Teen Art & Lit Mag is a digital and print publication that publishes to our website weekly and in print once per year. There is no monetary compensation for publication in The Echo at this time, but accepted artists and writers will receive a contributor copy at no cost. US-based contributors will receive a physical contributor copy. Contributors outside of the US will receive a digital contributor copy.

There is no fee required to submit your work, but we’re poor so feel free to send us some bucks if you can. The Echo Teen Art & Lit Mag acquires exclusive first digital and print publication rights. The magazine will be available for purchase in perpetuity. Reprint rights and all other applicable rights revert to the author twelve months after publication.

You can view a sample of our contract here.