Cora Anderson (Below Left) - Editor In Chief Cora Anderson is currently busy building her own comic universe so unfortunately, she didn't report her hobbies to us so we can only assume she's actually Clark Kent. Her lucid dreams are often inspiration for her fictional pieces.

Courtney Hodges (Above right) - Podcast Editor Courtney Hodges is our bouncer. She likes crocheting and talking, hence why she runs out podcast. As well as throwing people. She’s also a designated driver which is very helpful when you want Waffle House at 3am.

Ana Easterwood (Below Left) - Submission Editor Ana Easterwood is a crazy cat person! They’re yet to meow at any of us, but is still halfway there to becoming an old writer in the woods with seven cats and a guide to witchcraft.

Isaac Hutcheson (Above Right) - Publication Editor Isaac Hutcheson is a hoodie-loving gamer that’s chronically online. He still makes time to read, write short stories, watch funny otter videos, and binge cooking shows.

Kaylin Matthews (Below Left) - Communication Editor Kaylin Matthews interests include flowers, rocks, and other objects of nature. However, while she may not enjoy math, she sure is good at it. When asked about it, Kaylin said that she doesn’t need math; maybe math has just disappointed her too many times. Whatever, she never needs it anyway.

John Eric Vona (Above Right) - Advisor John Eric Vona is The Echo’s advisor, AKA too old to be editor or to get published in his own magazine. Vona totally has a very professional outlook on literature, that is the whole point of being on payroll for the English department. Vona is not a fan of not living in the moment; he insists that recording anything is practically heresy, like okay old man.

Alexis Barr (Below Left)- Raised around cats, a dad in a band, and Minecraft: Pocket Edition on the IPhone 4, it’s no surprise Alexis has a lot of interests. Writing, music, video games, and more are all things they’re passionate about! Unfortunately, none of them will lead into money-making careers.

Rowan Sizemore (Above Right) - Rowan Sizemore is a Caucasian male who enjoys reading sci fi literature, running and playing guitar. He also enjoys playing video games and watching movies.

Mason Jefferson (Below left) Mason Jefferson is a cartoon obsessed, digital artist. Since he was young, Mason has always been obsessed with different cartoons, from his youth. His main inspirations have been artwork from video games such as “megaman”, “Pokémon”, and “one night at Flumpty’s”.

Matti Shook (Above Right) -Matti Shook also known as Mattie enjoys things such as theater and making people uncomfortable with the amount of unnerving facts they know. Some of their other interests include rocks, learning about cults, and rewatching criminal minds an ungodly amount of times.

Charlie Woeste (Below left)- Charlie Woeste hasn’t gone a day without playing Animal Crossing and doesn’t plan on stopping. A large part of his brain is taken up by Nicki Minaj lyrics but the other is reserved for an extensive knowledge in figure skating. He also does not play about his love for the color yellow!

Isabella Waibel (Top Right) - Isabella Waibel’s favorite things include Halloween and horror movies. In her free time she enjoys working out and cooking. When she’s not doing that however, she enjoys correcting her friends vernacular and sleeping.

Daniella Jordan Costa (Bottom Left) -Daniella Jordan Costa is a renaissance man. She partakes in many a hobby, such as being super talented, smart, and funny. However, as time consuming as that is, she spends most of her time sitting in her room drawing and listening to the most peaceful of music, like Rob Zombie and Korn.

Kiersten Lee (Top Right) -Kiersten Lee is an aspiring writer of everything and lover of frogs. Warning--prolonged exposure may result in being recommended above average amounts of sad gay cartoons and gothic horror novels.

Soniyah Wiggins (Bottom Left) -Soniyah Wiggins is a gender-fluid artist and writer. S/he/ they enjoyed reading and watching thrillers and accidentally gaslighting people. S/he/ they want to help people tell their stories in the best way possible, and hear the different perspectives the world has to offer

Jaz Williams (Top Right)- Jaz Williams takes her trials and tribulations, and on the flip side, the better sweeter moments of her life and channels them gel ink pen. She does this all while listening to her many playlists that she considers the “sound track to her life.” (Read: Frank ocean and Mitski). Her earthy style and love for literature is a clear indicator of need to feel deeper than others might.

Lilly Ratzell (Bottom Right) - Lilly Ratzell is a #leo which she chooses to cite for all her successes and questionable decisions. She is the queen of roblox, and thinks she’s good at tennis-but in a cool lana lana del amateur avant-garde way, so she is obviously delusional-shown thru her nonsensical writing approach.

Ciarra Yates (Top Right) -Ciarra Yates is currently a Senior and is a fantasy writer and artist. Her favorite hobbies are to write and paint/make art because it allows her to express herself in a peaceful and relaxing way.