Feel like a star out of place? Maybe a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit just right? Travel into the night with Imposter Syndrome

Poem By Francis Luo

As if a dream                         the next piece
        clicks into       place     You are              the jigsaw
puzzle           all your traits       achievements
      and convictions scatter                 into a hazy
portrait      The image          blinks softly
             for a moment beneath the lamplight
               All of a sudden
                                                  the frogs
are everywhere           croaking in some
                warbly chorus                     And you
                  the conductor                waving your spindly arms
     around as if they direct             the motions of the stars
             The planets whisper to you    like old
                              friends                 Now I cast myself to
                                                the heavens
                                                                 and the earth
like a letter folded into a paper airplane    trying to find
             its address                   
                                                      In the thick night
     my taillight is blinking                                 and all you see:
                                                   a false star