Abortion, pregnancy, reproductive rights, bodies (a student seated near me as I write this just said "ewwey" and it's too perfect) gender roles, the patriarchy... I feel like a lot of teachers wouldn't want anything to do with this poem, but maybe that's the trauma teaching in Florida has inflicted on me. Let's dive into Girlpolitic, the latest poem published from teens by teens on The Echo: Teen Art & Lit Mag and write through the controversy.

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why this poem is excellent

and if you don't agree you're a servant of the patriarchy

Look, my first thought when reading this poem was to wonder whether or not my staff and editors knew anything about the body politic. I discovered two things: they interpreted the title as more in line with current terms like girldinner and girlmath. Since a teen wrote it, that interpretation might be a better one anyway. It's certainly a cooler one as it seems to reappropriate that nomenclature. The other thing I learned was that I don't know anything about the body politic either. I thought Karl Marx coined the term but apparently (according to my very thorough wikipedia research) it goes back to ancient Greece.

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