In response to painting Yellow-Red-Blue by Wassily Kandinsky

The doorway to our world 
shines brightly in the overhead lights.
The shapes swirl in defiance,
crisscrossing over one another,
blending colors like wax melting
in the sun, fused by helplessness–
being dragged to our world
that's filled with rage, violence, and hatred.

Their world is so different from ours. 
They don’t want to blend, they want 
to be defined and separate.
They try to force their way 
away from the door
with its tempting yellow light
and its promises for better, 
but parts are being forced
through the portal, parts that scream 
as they are taken. They slowly lose
their brightness and definition
as they are dragged to a world of angles
sharp turns and boxes to be forced into. 

They can no longer be themselves in their world 
or ours. We’ve taken important parts of them
that we won't give back. Forever changed, 
they feel hopeless and eventually their tired bodies 
give up, no longer resisting, they flow through the door
echoing their vibrant colors as they go.