Feeling stuck between life and death? Sense and nonsense? How about long lost love? Is it only ever in your dreams?

Poetry By Aleeza Aneel

Particular nonsense

Particular nonsense never brought a madman to a cliffside/ or a tea party to a screeching halt/ a
teenage girl in her birthday gown/ bloody tears drip in red cups?/ he fills his throat with
marshmallow clouds/ the rain stops to pour/ dropping swan feathers on windshields/ a car
swerved too far down/down down down the rabbit hole/ road mark reminenets the moment
before the dance commenced/ we twirl and drink and kiss at midnight/ throw pumpkin seeds
and wish for tomorrow's/ disco ball bleeds out lights red and blue/ ambulance and police cars
drive through purple record players/ isn’t it funny- how I am born and now I am dead/ Is it
destiny or cruel joke/ is destiny a cruel joke/ is fate three old women at a bingo table/ who forgot
how their phones work /did they lose the knitting needle and take up dinner dates with the
girls/ nonsense I tell my rotting body in the police car/ utter nonsense drove me to a cliffside


I witness him as hope above clouds and my favorite cup of tea. Cut my birthday cake while
humming out our melodies. Jabbering nonsense down rabbit holes, like I can’t possibly love.
Because I am no fool I am far too pretty to be in love. So you see, but all I can gaze at is the stars
and wonder whose eyes they set themselves through. Mine or his? Curiouser to see flowers
bloom brighter and blood rush to heated cheeks. Turning scarlet enough to paint my roses red. I
am no artist, but he was meant a muse. I’m no lover but I’d crack a tooth and chase down his
blues to paint a smile on his face. I witness myself falling. Now I chase glances through gardens.
Like impossible things. Talk nonsense for the sake of it. Curiouser and curiouser, I find myself
loving. Are we all mad here or is it impossible that I’ve found myself him? Either way there is no
use going back to yesterday, there was love then too


I wonder when the ache in my eyes
And my weary soul faltering
Are dreams whistling softly
Lulling, coaxing me back
Gently brush off stray hair
And wandering thoughts
Bread crumb trail of gold
I follow down blinking starry shores

Silently singing, shushing down lamped doors
Dream is the land I come to
Through makeshift snowflake ladders
Dream is the land I dream of
Lying under parchment skies
Dream of dreams where I find

A blurred face I can’t recall
Eyes dappled in green or sun dipped brown
Through parched eyes I remember
A memory from a dream like october fog
Up in stars blinking I wonder
If dreams recall my eyes
Does he wander for them too