Are you stumped on what to write next and want to find some of the best writing prompts to help you get over your writer's block or hone your creative writing skills? Here are ten writing prompts related to our current submission theme of Mysteries and Magic.

The Forgotten Library

In a hidden corner of an ancient city, there lies a library filled with books that predict the future. Write about the discovery of this library and the consequences it has on the person who finds it.

The Enchanted Key

A young apprentice discovers an ancient key that opens doors to different dimensions. Write about the places they explore and the mysterious beings they encounter.

The Disappearing Village

A small village in the mountains vanishes overnight, leaving only a single survivor who can't remember what happened. Write about their journey to uncover the truth behind the village's disappearance.

The Butler Did It... Or Did He?

In a grand estate, the wealthy matriarch is found dead, and all clues point to the butler. But as the detective delves deeper, they uncover a tangled web of magic, family secrets, and a butler who has his own hidden agenda.

The Cursed Crown

A royal crown is said to bring misfortune to anyone who wears it. Write about a character who, through a twist of fate, becomes the new ruler and must break the curse to save their kingdom.

The Spellbound Artifact

An archaeologist discovers a relic that seems to have a mind of its own. Write about the unexpected events that unfold as the artifact's magic influences those around it.

The Tale of the Unreliable Narrator

A storyteller known for his whimsical and magical tales begins to notice that his stories are coming to life in unexpected ways. When someone is killed in a manner eerily similar to one of his plots, he becomes the prime suspect. How can he prove his innocence when no one believes him?

The Phantom's Game

A notorious phantom who haunts a grand theater challenges visitors to a series of magical games. Write about a group of friends who accept the challenge, only to realize that losing means more than just forfeiting a prize.

A Reluctant Sorcerer

A young person discovers they have inherited a powerful magical ability, but they want nothing to do with it. Write about the events that force them to embrace their magic and the consequences of their choices.

The Eternal Labyrinth

There's a legend about a labyrinth that can trap souls for eternity. Write about a group of adventurers who enter the labyrinth to find a missing artifact and must use magic and wits to find their way out.

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